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Government employees who are ignorant of the constitutional limits upon their activities and are “just doing their jobs” have become powerful tools in the hands of the tyrants who direct them. Passage To Liberty exists to help people learn to remove themselves from the oppressive entanglements that entrapped them through ignorance, apathy and fear. Members, students and clients come to recognize, reverse, and avoid practices, contracts, and systems that are designed to strip them of their God-given liberties

Freedom Focal Points

Liberation From Tyranny

Detach from the strongholds that enable tyrants to legally impose their control and freedom confiscation schemes upon you. Equip yourself with the legal knowledge and tools to oppose government agents who act unconstitutionally. Open your business, church or club while those who are less aware continue to lose years of their lives obeying mandates, decrees, edicts, orders and ordinances.

Asset & Privacy Protection

Structure your affairs so that your business, your personal property, and other hard-earned assets are protected from liens and confiscation. Use technology that sharply decreases the ability of Big Tech and other New World Order agents to invade your privacy, monitor and track you.


Beat that traffic citation without going to court. travel without a license, acquire true ownership of private property used for transportation, and stop paying registration fees.

SSN/Mark of The Beast Exemptions

Close Real Estate deals, complete business transactions, obtain a passport, and get paid without providing a Social Security Number.

Oppose Tyranny with the 10 Key Facts of Law


Live Training Courses

Full-day seminars are offered in cities where demand for live instruction is high. Ask your tough questions and learn from liberators who have track records of success and share your desire to be free.

Personalized Assistance

Attorneys are part of the system. We are not attorneys. We don’t provide legal advice. But when a pressing battle comes to your door and you need experienced fighters on your side, this is your best option.

Weapons of Law

Under pressure to allow an inspector onto your property, or to sign a citation, shut-down your business for a plandemic, get injected, respond to a Notice to Appear, pay a fine, appear in Court, or participate in some other compulsion? Take a look through this treasury of powerful resources.

Webinars, Podcasts, Videos

Learn from PTL instructors as they record real engagements with state actors. Watch  interviews with key figures in the liberty movement. Learn the secrets to defending freedom via the media that best suit your learning style.

Mobile App

(COMING IN 2023)

Are you about to be detained by an armed enforcer who is acting outside his authority? Punch-up our mobile app and let it walk you through the critical steps of your encounter in real time.


Read what some Passage To Liberty travelers have to say.

This is important information for anyone forced to endure the ways our current system of “laws” and magistrates is twisted to our disadvantage. If you get a chance to attend a class, I highly recommend taking the opportunity.

Bruce T.


Wow, very impressed with the presentation! I have never heard this information before, and I definitely want to know more! If you ever need to assert your constitutional rights when dealing with the authorities, this information is a must have!

Jason G.


Incredibly informative content. He has a knack for delivering the widely unknown facts between government and citizen, and the experience with how to protect ourselves from unjust or unconstitutional grey areas that affect the population.

Aaron M.


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