Goldbacks- The solution for small transactions

Goldbacks are the solution for the millions of small, private transactions that happen every day in the parallel economy. Each Goldback is created using cutting edge, patented technology which deposits gold, one atom at a time, onto a proprietary polymer substrate. These atoms are deposited to create an etching-like mural that is unique to each Goldback denomination and series. For example, the intricate gold artwork found in the Utah 10 Goldback is entirely different from the artwork of the Nevada 10 Goldback. However, to establish uniformity among the four different series (Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah, Wyoming), each 10 Goldback has “10” in the upper left-hand corner, an red colored band around the edges, and a helix along the left side. The 1’s, 5’s, 25’s and 50’s follow this same pattern, no matter the series. These are just three of the many fine details that make these paper-thin, rectangular, gold “coins” nearly impossible to counterfeit.

Intrinsic Value

One Goldback contains 1/1,000th of a troy ounce of 24 karat gold. The other denominations- one, five, ten, twenty-five and fifty- have proportionately greater gold content. The maximum gold content is found in the largest Goldback, the 50, which contains 1/20th of an ounce of gold- exactly half the gold content of the smallest gold coin minted by the U.S. government. Thus the Goldback provides the smaller denominations needed to create a truly workable gold currency system when gold is trading above 1,000 Federal Reserve Notes for an ounce of gold. And to recover the pure gold from a Goldback, one needs to merely vaporize the front and back coatings in a super-heated crucible.

Utah 10 Goldback Nevada 10 Goldback

Currency, Bartering Tool, Investment

There have been thousands of local currencies in the United States throughout history, and there are nearly a hundred active currencies today. In jurisdictions where legal tender laws have designated Goldbacks as a form of currency (currently Nevada, New Hampshire, Utah and Wyoming), they can be used in place of Federal Reserve Notes (“dollars”). In states that have not yet passed a law designating Goldbacks as specie legal tender, they can be used as barter tools. Otherwise they are no different, legally speaking, than gold coins or other gold products available for purchase in the U.S. for investment, as a means of storing wealth, or as collectibles.

Where Are The Counterfeits?

As with anything having intrinsic value- such gold bullion, gold and silver coins, gems, jewelry, collectables or fine art- the best way to spot a counterfeit is to know the fine details and features of the genuine article. Some people have claimed to have seen fake or “replica” Goldbacks on the Internet, yet we have searched and searched, and have not been able to find anything remotely resembling the genuine Goldbacks that we trade. We earnestly want to find some so that we can put them in front of a 5-year-old and ask him to tell us the difference between the genuine and the fake. We will record a video of this test and publish it on this Web site. But first we must find the counterfeits, if they exist. So, if you have seen any “Goldbacks” which resemble genuine Goldbacks, please send the link to so that we can buy some and commence our test!

Trading Paper for Goldbacks – MUST READ BEFORE ORDERING

Passage To Liberty is exhorting people to remove their money from banks and credit unions as quickly as possible- before the “reset” hits- and to stop using vapors (credit and debit cards, bank ledger entries, crypto, etc), for these are merely electronic digits that can be changed to zero with a simple key stroke. Whereas they are intrinsically worthless and a dangerous means of “storing” wealth, we do not traffic in vapors or other fiats. Therefore, Passage To Liberty will make arrangements with you to handle this trade outside of the Federal Reserve’s unconstitutional banking system.

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