Trade For Products And Services

Follow these quick and easy steps to make a payment:

  1. Click the button below to create your free account with United Precious Metals Association. [To learn more about UPMA, go to] Whereas UPMA is not a bank affiliated with the Federal Reserve, no Social Security Number is required in order to have an account. You can even use an alias. Clicking Create Free Account below will automatically authorized you to trade with Passage To Liberty on the UPMA platform. The process takes about 10 minutes using this method.

  2. Fund your account using your preferred method, such as credit card, wire transfer, ACH, bank check, or mailing Federal Reserve Notes to UPMA. When you fund the account, you will be asked how you wish to store your funds- in Gold, Silver, or Goldbacks. Funds stored in Goldbacks incur no vaulting fees!

  3. Transfer the required funds to Passage To Liberty’s UPMA account. As a UPMA member, the transfer of funds to Passage To Liberty and any other member will be free and instantaneous, and our transactions will not be reported to three-letter agencies.

If you have any questions, please contact us via