United Precious Metals Association

United Precious Metals Association (UPMA), based in Provo, Utah, is a precious metals storage facility which allows its members the convenience of services similar to those offered by a Federal Reserve-sponsored bank, but without the trappings of fiat currency. For example, no Social Security Number is required to become a member of UPMA. And unlike money that is stored in banks, your deposits are Insured by Lloyds of London rather than the $250K-capped FDIC. Furthermore:

  • Your deposits are backed by 100% actual physical metals;
  • Every UPMA account is in Trust;
  • No vaulting fees for Goldback accounts;
  • You can spend from your account using a pre-paid Visa debit card;
  • Asset transfers between UPMA members are instantaneous and FREE;
  • IRA’s can be transferred to UPMA and converted to precious metals;
  • Members can earn interest by leasing back assets in their accounts to UPMA.

Click here to create your free account or, if you have questions, send an email to help@passagetoliberty.com.