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Exercise your God-given rights, as protected by the Constitution, to live without a mask or vaccine.

Open your church, business or club.
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Protect your business and other hard earned assets.

Escape The SSN Trap

Complete business transactions, obtain a passport, get paid without providing a Social Security Number.

Travel Without Encumbrances

Beat that traffic citation without going to court.

Acquire true ownership of private property used for transportation

Vanquish The Administrative State 

“Administrative power evades governance through law and thereby circumvents constitutional process and procedural rights. It is difficult to think of a more serious civil liberties problem for the twenty-first century.”

Philip Hamburger, Professor of Law at COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL

Government employees who are ignorant of the constitutional limits upon their activities and are “just doing their jobs” have become powerful tools for the tyrants who direct them. Passage To Liberty exists to help people learn to remove themselves from the oppressive entanglements that entrapped them through ignorance, apathy and fear. Members and students come to recognize, reverse, and avoid practices, contracts, and systems that are designed to strip them of their God-given liberties.

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Full-day seminars are offered in cities where demand for live instruction is high. Ask your tough questions and learn from liberators who have track records of success and share your desire to be free.

Personalized Assistance

Attorneys are part of the system. We are not attorneys. We don’t provide legal advice. But when a pressing battle comes to your door and you need experienced fighters on your side, this is your best option.

Webinars, Podcasts, Videos

(COMING IN 2021)

Learn the secrets via the media that best suit your learning style.

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Are you about to be detained by an armed enforcer? Punch-up our mobile app and let it walk you through the critical steps of your encounter in real time.


Right-to-Travel Victories

Nothing establishes credibility better than a track record of victories. We beat citations without having to pay any fines, or go to court, or attend Traffic School.


With no Constitutional means for enforcement, these citations are easy to extinguish. With the help of Passage To Liberty, this traveler saved nearly $500.


Speeding tickets are expensive. Take a look at how our fine-tuned method extinguishes those expenses and prevents points from hitting a driving record.


Like tail light and cell phone citations, these tickets are often obviously issued to collect revenue, so we particularly enjoy beating them, especially when we get the top prosecutor in the county to request the dismissal.


Harassed and left by the side of the road after his car was towed, this traveler turned to PTL for help. We beat the citation quickly, without him having to appear in court, attend Traffic School, or pay the $953 fine.


Read what some Passage To Liberty travelers have to say.

This is important information for anyone forced to endure the ways our current system of “laws” and magistrates is twisted to our disadvantage. If you get a chance to see him presenting, I highly recommend taking the opportunity.

Bruce T.

Seminar Attendee

Wow, very impressed with the presentation! I have never heard this information before, and I definitely want to know more! If you ever need to assert your constitutional rights when dealing with the authorities, this information is a must have!

Jason G.

Seminar Attendee

Incredibly informative content. He has a knack for delivering the widely unkown facts between government and citizen, and the experience with how to protect ourselves from unjust or unconstitutional grey areas that affect the population.

Aaron M.

Seminar Attendee

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