Tyrant Lawsuits

Providing the plandemic as justification, the federal, state, county and city servants have ignored the restrictions put upon them by the Constitution per their oaths of office. They are trampling upon the rights of the people they are required to serve. We have petitioned them and they have ignored our grievances. They have violated their oaths of office with impunity. It is, therefore, the People’s duty to sue them. We must take legal action!

PassageToLiberty is leading the charge to sue these tyrants. Giving them lawful notice is the first step. We can’t disclose are full strategy here, but if they do not comply we will proceed to the next step.

Please download the notification letters that are addressed to your federal, state and local tyrants. Make copies, and sign and circulate them. We need hundreds of thousands of signatures and time is of the essence, so we need you to take the lead in your community to rapidly gather signatures. Once ten pages are full, send them to help@passagetoliberty.com and we will make arrangements to get the originals from you.

Names and Addresses of Tyrants

Below are the home addresses of some local tyrants as of July 2020. We implore every person that reads this page to bullhorn these tyrants late at night, informing them of the laws and their violations thereof.

Santa Clara County

County Supervisor
Cynthia Chavez
115 Arroyo Way
San Jose, CA 95112
County Supervisor
Joe Simitian
532 Rhodes Dr
Palo Alto CA 94303
County Supervisor
Susan Ellenberg
1440 Calaveras Ave
San Jose CA 95126
County Supervisor
Michael Wasserman
68 Broadway
Los Gatos CA 95
County Supervisor
David Cortese
10840 Ridgeview Ave
San Jose CA 95127
Health Officer
Sara Helen Cody
345 Kellog Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
County Counsel
James Robyzad Williams
1597 Curtner Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Please help us help you. We need people (you) to send us the names and home addresses of your state, county and city tyrants. We also need that information for the tyrants at the federal level. This is a huge undertaking. This is your battle. We are here to lead, but we can’t do this without your direct participation! If you want to sue your local tyrant, provide the information required below.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Mayor, County Executive, Health Officer, County Counsel
Name= City of X; County of X; U.S. Dept of X; etc. Address= Government building address containing tyrant's office
Obtaining signatures, finding plaintiffs, process service, research, legal document preparation, organizing mass protests, etc.

Volunteers Needed

The need for lawsuits has exploded with the vax mandates. Consequently, we have exhausted our manpower and urgently need people to help. We need legal experts (not necessarily attorneys), Web site gurus, process servers, notaries, signature gatherers, fundraisers, and more. It is the masses of common Americans exercising their rights that will bring victory. But if help doesn’t manifest now, this project will quickly grind to a halt.

Funds Needed

Lawsuits are expensive. When our forefathers led the rebellion against the tyrant king of England, many of them were wealthy and well connected. We are not. Yet the battle requires resources. We need donors and angel investors immediately so we can keep pressing forward. Can you help, or do you know someone who has the means, connections and the will to support the cause? Please use the form below to tell us how you can help.