Tyrant Defendants


  1. Click on the public servant’s name to download the document.
  2. Make multiple copies.
  3. Get oodles and gobs of signatures.
  4. Send signed pages to help@passagetoliberty.com.

To be most effective with the short time we have, it’s best to organize a team and then lead that team to gather original signatures from people within your city, county or state whose rights the particular tyrant swore under oath to protect. In other words, if the letter is to the County Health Officer, signers should live in the county. If it is to the ciy mayor, signers should live in the city. However, signers don’t need to be registered voters, for this is not a recall; it is a lawsuit. Signers are simply putting their names on the letter, much like our Forefathers put their names on the Declaration of Independence.

Signers will not necessarily be plaintiffs. To be a plaintiff, a person needs to have suffered actual damages. Upon winning the suit, there may or may not be a monetary judgement distributed to plaintiffs. If you have lost a business, lost a job, lost a Costco membership, been hospitalized, lost a loved, etc. as a result of the guidelines, mandates, orders and decrees, please apply to be a plaintiff here.


Santa Clara County

Jeffrey V. Smith, County Executive James R. Williams, County Counsel Sara H. Cody, Health Officer

City of San Jose

Sam Liccardo, MayorChappie Jones, Vice Mayor