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The COVID-19 plandemic (planned epidemic) has brought with it so many violations of the Constitution and God-given liberties, and yet most people are ignorant of the shackles that have been put upon them. Those who have been educated in government (“Public”) schools never learned the Constitution or American jurisprudence, so they have no idea that the guidelines, mandates, and orders only lawfully apply to government workers. They have lost the ability to think rationally and independently. Therefore, PTL is constantly devising new campaigns to reboot the brains of the sheople. Here are some examples.

Operation Constitutional Sheriff

The county sheriff is your last defense against tyranny (short of exercising your Right To Self-Defense), yet most sheriffs across America think that they exist to protect the State. This costly (to the People) misunderstanding and misapplication of authority must be corrected immediately to halt tyrannical oppression.

Partnering with Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Passage To Liberty is raising posses across the nation. These posses are local watchdog groups who are committed to do whatever it takes (lawfully) to install Oath-abiding sheriffs in every county, in every state. Read more about this campaign here, then sign-up below.

Maskless Group Shopping

When businesses stop treating the guidelines and mandates as if they are laws that must be obeyed, this plandemic will end instantly. To that end, Passage To Liberty designed this campaign and met with a small group of leaders in the fall of 2020 to disseminate the plan. Since then, it has been a fun, effective change agent. In fact, we like to think that the relaxing of mask mandates by Traitor Joe’s, Target, Walmart, Sprouts, and many others was the direct result of non-sheople all across the country shopping mask-free in large groups. Those who join us can expect to encounter victimhood whining from snowflakes who believe whatever they are told by fascist tyrants who offer no scientific facts to support their unlawful demands. But also expect to see previously fearful shoppers become human again, rip-off their masks, and join the movement!

Protests and Civil Disobedience

Crowding the entrances to City Hall of filling City and County meeting chambers unmasked Americans is the minimum effort required when under tyranny like we have in 2021. It’s time for YOU to leave your house and join freedom fighters who are getting into the faces of rogue public servants and not allowing them to conduct tyranny as usual.

Public Service Announcements

This campaign began in early 2021 and is otherwise known as “Bullhorning”. We travel through downtown areas, parking garages, and other densely populated areas to inform people of the latest dictates- such as Fauci commanding that five masks must be worn at all times while eating at home alone- or urgent warnings- such as the dangerous flock of COVID that will be flying over in 15 minutes. You will laugh hysterically as you watch the sheople respond to our announcements with blind obedience. They are so conditioned to do whatever they are told for fear of public shaming that they will do the most absurd things. Conversely, we also get many cheers, thumbs-up, and “Thank you!”‘s from people who think for themselves. The best reactions are those where the hearers awaken and remove their face diapers!

Bullhorning the Masked Sheople

If, after enjoying some of our videos, you would like join us in these and many other fun, ground-breaking freedom campaigns, or if you would like to launch a movement in your county, simply sign-up below.

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