Operation Constitutional Sheriff

It is no secret that constitution-abiding sheriffs across the nation are quitting rather than taking the jab, and that bad sheriffs are becoming worse under the current despots. If you attended Passage To Liberty’s Rights Defense mini-training on November 20, 2021, you learned ten actions that you can take now to protect your liberties. In addition, you learned that the county sheriff is:

  • The only elected law enforcement officer in America;
  • The ultimate law enforcement officer in America;
  • The only law enforcement officer accountable to the People;
  • The one elected official in your county who has the authority to arrest your Governor, State Health Officer, County Health Officer, County Counsel, OSHA agents, “Health” Inspectors, mandate enforcers, FBI agents, IRS agents, etc.

In short, if you’re seeking a “Silver Bullet” to use against plandemic tyrants, Operation Constitutional Sheriff may be, among all of our initiatives, Passage To Liberty’s most likely candidate for that moniker. The goal of this initiative is to place Constitution-obeying sheriffs into office in every county of all 50 states. The objectives to that end are:

  • Educate sheriffs about their high authority and their obligations to protect the People from tyrants;
  • Hold sheriffs accountable to their Oaths;
  • Replace those sheriffs who fail to fulfill their Oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Operation Constitutional Sheriff needs your participation to accomplish these objectives. Partnering with Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Passage To Liberty is raising posses across the nation. These posses are local watchdog groups who are committed to do whatever it takes (lawfully) to get Oath-abiding sheriffs in their counties. The steps that you can take now to get involved are:

  1. Sign-up to join a posse and get involved;
  2. Download the Constitutional Sheriff Questionnaire;
  3. Present the questionnaire to your sheriff and require him to provide complete answers to you within 30 days;
  4. Insist that all candidates for sheriff complete the questionnaire in order to be considered for your support;
  5. Send the answers to ocs@passagetoliberty.com to be graded;
  6. Inform your sheriff of his grade and that he will not be elected unless he joins CSPOA, which requires him to sign an agreement to know and uphold the Constitution and only those laws compliant with it.

These are some sheriffs in a very tyrannical State who are taking baby steps toward the direction which PTL approves, but they must be encouraged to go all the way or be removed from office by voters:

California Sheriffs

  • Chad Blanco, Sheriff of Riverside County, does not enforce vax mandates, which he calls “tyrannical government overreach”.
  • Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes rejects mask, vax and social distancing enforcement.
  • Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County refuses to enforce vax mandates.
  • Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones refuses to enforce mask orders.
  • Brandon Barnes, Sheriff of Sutter County, refuses to enforce “health orders”.
  • San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon won’t dispatch for alleged violations of health orders.
  • Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub won’t enforce plandemic curfews.