Liberation From Plandemic Tyranny

Overcome Plandemic Oppression

The global COVID-19 plandemic, which has been in planning, development and testing for more than a decade, was proposed in the Rockefeller Foundation publication from 2010 entitled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development in the chapter named “Lock Step”. It was then rehearsed- most notably at Event 201 and the Crimson Contagion exercise, both of which went public in October of 2019, just two months before the roll-out of this false flag operation. Most having been trained, paid or influenced by Klaus Schwab and the Soros Family, State Governors, County Supervisors, County Counsels (such as James Williams, who is a Soros Fellow), State and County Health Officers, and their local fascist minions are ignoring their oaths and using propaganda campaigns laced with scare tactics to deceive businesses, associations, and individuals into unlawfully and voluntarily obeying orders, mandates, and guidelines, none of which are laws requiring conformance by the general public. Contact tracers and code enforcers- neither of whom are not sworn law enforcement personnel- are invading private property and personnel privacy, even putting people under house arrest because they tested positive for the COVID-19 flu virus.

Essentials for Opposing Mandates

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