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Passage To Liberty is a First Amendment Christian organization dedicated to helping people preserve and assert their God-given rights. Having begun fighting tyranny in 1995 and amassing an impressive string of victories, our founder was called to create PTL in 2017 as a means to provide training and consulting, enabling others to be victorious over tyrants using the law instead of using attorneys. Decades ago, he had discovered that, in a legal action, the first priority for attorneys is to protect the court and the public. The client’s interest comes last. He first learned this fact by experience, and then by reading it in law books:  

His first duty is to the courts and the public, not to his client, and wherever the duties to his client conflict with those he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of justice, the former must yield to the latter.”

–– Corpus Juris Secundum, Vol 7, Section 4- ATTORNEY & CLIENT

PTL operates in a different realm than attorneys will take you into. Rather than working within a corrupt statutory system designed to grow the Deep State and confiscate rights, we exercise the power of the Constitution and Common Law. We provide our members and fellow Americans with the leadership, education and materials necessary to challenge tyrannical orders and impositions, unconstitutional laws, and deceptive administrative procedures. Our leadership includes strategic planning for peaceful protests, public awareness campaigns, public servant accountability measures, lawsuits, and marketing assaults. Our educational services include live, in-person training courses and Webinars, and our consulting consists of group and one-on-one guidance for legal actions, and includes strategy, document preparation, filing, service of process, and other related services.

Our aim is that every Passage To Liberty traveler becomes free from oppression, and then awakens others to do the same. PTL’s map for guiding people to this destination takes them past three milestones:

1. Informed- Truth seekers are educated so that they are no longer in bondage to ignorance, but awake (not “woke”);

2. Equipped- Those who have awakened are trained and equipped so that they no longer have reasons to be apathetic. Instead they are people who are eager to change the status quo from corruption and collusion to integrity and accountability;

3. Emboldened- Those who are informed and equipped are encouraged and supported so that they are no longer fearful but courageous and willing to engage in the battle.

We recognize that this path is very narrow, counter-cultural, and even dangerous, for the groundswell of educated freedom practitioners has already drawn the ire of the New World Order. But those who choose this path- and do so while boldly walking with the Lord of lords and King of kings- will find themselves at a destination that eludes most people during their lifetimes: Living a life of awareness, truth and liberty. (John 8:32, Matthew 7:13-14)

To learn more about Passage To Liberty’s roll in the battle to peacefully recover our liberties, watch this:

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Listen to the radio interview on September 12th, 2020, with PTL’s founder discussing the global plandemic scam, which was planned years ago and rehearsed at Event 201 and began with the roll-out of the “COVID-19” false flag operation in the year 2020.

NOTE: Passage To Liberty has no licensed attorneys and does not provide legal advice.

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