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We at Passage To Liberty are not members of any BAR associations and we are not attorneys, so we cannot and do not provide legal advice, but if you are facing an eminent legal challenge and wish to request urgent educational attention, please make your request by agreeing to the Engagement Agreement using the form below.

Engagement Agreement

By the act of submitting this form, I am attesting before God that I am an adult, at least 18 years of age, that I am exercising my own free will, knowingly and willingly, after having performed due diligence and investigated the information provided by Passage To Liberty, its principles, associates, members and agents (collectively “PTL”), and that the information entered into the fields below, as well as any subsequent information I provide to PTL, is accurate and completre. Without any promises being made to me by PTL, I affirm that the relationship into which I am entering (“Engagement”) is voluntary and governed by the following terms, to which I agree and by which I solemnly promise to abide:

1. Any assistance- whether verbal or written- which I receive from the Web Site, or by email, or by chat, or by phone, or in person, or by any other means from PTL does not constitute legal advice or attorney services;

2. I will perform any research and due diligence suggested by PTL and I assume full responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of my findings;

3. All information obtained from PTL is copyrighted and confidential. I will keep confidential any and all such information and documents, and I will not reproduce or share any documents or other materials unless a written release is granted by PTL for a specific situation;

4. Any documents or information which I obtain from PTL are provided for informational purposes only. My use of said documents or information is done at my own risk or benefit;

5. I understand that, though PTL has a real track record of victories, each engagement is different. By no fault of PTL, my case may land in the hands of a corrupt judge, court clerk, District Attorney or other public servant who chooses not to honor his Oath to uphold the Constitution, or chooses to disregard the intent and language of the law, or requires that I abide by a special set of legal processes and procedures in order to make my challenge. Therefore PTL has not made any promises regarding outcomes. Accordingly, I accept PTL’s best effort educational attention and I assume all responsibility and liabilities for any outcomes that result from this Engagement. I release PTL from all liability and from any and all claims, including claims of PTL’s negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness, incarceration or economic loss I may suffer or which may result from my utilization of information- including any and all documents- I use as a result of this Engagement;

6. I waive my right to sue PTL in any venue, save in an Article III court by a Common Law Grand Jury composed of my peers;

7. I will provide a professional quality written or audio-recorded testimony at the conclusion of the Engagement. The written testimony will be at least 50 words long, and the audio testimony will be at least 30 seconds long. I am not required to assign my real name to this testimony, but it must be authentic and truthful;

8. I grant, without financial compensation to me whatsoever, PTL to publish (after removing my name, address, license plate, Driver License number, and other information PTL deems necessary to remove to protect my privacy), in perpetuity, my story, including supporting documents and testimonial, on and to include my story, supporting documents, and testimonial in any other publications, including Web sites, books, videos, pleadings, legal filings and software applications;

9. In exchange for the services provided under this Engagement, I will trade property or lawful currency- such as minted gold or silver coins- with PTL via its representative equivalent to an exchange rate of three hundred Federal Reserve Notes for each hour spent on my behalf. Though the fact is obvious that no income or profit results from such trades, I hereby assert that no income will accrue to myself, PTL, or PTL’s representative in the course of these trades.

I, the man or woman who is entering my information and who is described in the fields below, agree to the terms put forth above.

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