Actionable Documents

PTL creates customized weapons to help you peacefully oppose tyranny in your particular situation using constitutional principles. Below is a list of some that can be created for you as part of your legal strategy, as well as some materials to help yourself and to awaken others.

For Employees and Students to Answer Authoritarian Demands

e1. Customized Medical Accommodation Letter (Mask or Vaccine)
Notifies employer or school that you require an accommodation for your medical condition
e2. Customized Religious Accommodation Letter (Mask or Vaccine)
Notifies employer or school that you require an accommodation for your religious beliefs
e3. Customized Combined Letter Requiring Medical and Religious Accommodations (Mask, Testing, or Vaccine)
e4. Declaration of Health Condition
Once notarized and filed with your employer, it stands as testimony to your health condition and limitations. In a legal challenge, your employer would have to disprove your assertions.
e5. Notice of Liability to Employer
Help your employer understand the risks of forcing a mask, testing or vaccines upon you.
e6. Memorandum of Law- Plandemic
This memorandum of codes and case citations has been crafted to provide extensive legal support for employers to accommodate employees
e7. Summary of Scientific & Medical Facts Regarding Face Coverings
This memorandum of authoritative opinions has been crafted to support the employee accommodation letter
e8. Summary of Scientific & Medical Facts Regarding Experimental Injections for COVID
This memorandum of authoritative opinions has been crafted to support the employee exemption letter.
e9. Combined Memorandum of Law & Science
This letter includes both legal and scientific/health/medical arguments.
e10. Vaccine Freedom Defense Kit
This kit contains the essential elements you need to put the burden upon your employer when confronted with a vaccine mandate.

For Individuals to Oppose Unlawful Government Agents

i1. Essential Concepts of Law for Protecting Rights (Wallet-sized Card)
Use this flash card to keep yourself on-point when confronted by tyrants
i2. Affidavit of Identity and Status
Establish your true identity and separate yourself from the fictional person you are automatically assumed to be
i3. Sovereign Notice to Servant (Letter)
Use this template to create a letter to the government agent trying to force compliance with unconstitutional impositions
i4. Postable Notice To Government Officials
Post this along with your No Trespassing sign to warn government intruders of the reasons they don’t belong on your property.
i5. Notice of Liability to Government Enforcer (Wallet-sized Card)
When offered a citation, Notice To Appear or some other contract, use this as a counter-measure and official warning to government thugs
i6. Strategies for Defending Against Tyrants
Prepare your barriers and know what to do before, during and after an encounter
i7. Steps for Preserving Your Rights When Detained
Step-by-step instructions for protecting your rights and gaining an advantage when interacting with government enforcers
i8. Questions for Enforcers When Detained
Key questions to establish a solid legal defense when detained by government enforcers
i9. No Trespassing Sign with Relevant Code Sections
If your sign doesn’t contain the correct code sections, it may be useless
i10. Conditional Acceptance
Creates a basis for negotiations and shifts the burden of proof to anyone who is attempting to impose a citation or fine upon you
i11. Constitutional Challenge Kit
PTL designed and has used the Constitutional Challenge method for over 25 years to contest and prevail against unconstitutional impositions by government
i12. Memorandum of Law for the Sovereign
This memorandum of codes and case citations has been crafted to attach to notices and legal attacks upon, or defenses against, unconstitutional impositions by government
i13. Notice of Violations and Liabilities
Targeted to public officials who violate their oaths by unlawfully imposing “guidelines”, “orders”, “rules” and “mandates” as if they were laws
i14. Temporary Restraining Order
File this with your local court to put a stumbling block in the path of tyrants seeking to harm you
i15. Demand to Produce Oath of Office
Most government officials do not have constitutionally compliant oaths on file, so this is used to expose their lack of authority to act

For Businesses to Defend Against “Orders”, “Mandates” and Fines

b1. Affidavit of Identity and Status
Make it clear that your business is not obligated to adopt or enforce guidelines
b2. Notice Prohibiting Entry by Government Officials
Post this at your points of entry to inform unlawful government agents of your position
b3. Instructions for Handling Unlawful Entry by Code Enforcers
Know how to deal with government agents seeking to impose unlawful orders upon your business
b4. Questions and Requirements to Present to Government Officials
Trip them up when inspectors and enforcers come at you with questions and demands.
b5. No Trespassing Sign with Relevant Code Sections
These signs contain the correct code sections that need to be displayed to trespassers
b6. Implied Contract
Turn the tables by employing this common technique that thugs use to create obligations you.
b7. Presumptive Assertions Letter
Tyrants like to ignore anything but fine and fee payments. This forces them to respond or assume legal liabilities.
b8. Conditional Acceptance
This offers a compromise to an enforcer, giving him the opportunity to get what he wants after he gives you what you want.
b9. Tips for Removing Government Entanglements
This is a list of preemptive actions a business should take to remove its ties to tyrannical jurisdictions
b10. Memorandum of Law for Business
Provides the relevant code sections and case citations to support a business’s opposition to unlawful impositions
b11. Notice of Violations and Liabilities
Notify regulatory agencies and public servants who attempt to coerce you into conducting your private business as they dictate
b12. Tyrant Poster
Nothing begins the conversation with your customers better than sharing a little trivia about California’s top tyrants. Choose one or all three of the glossy, two-sided 5″x 7″ cards below.

Order your weapon of choice using the form below. You will receive an email to which you will need to reply with the information requested. We will then review your request to make sure the requested item(s) are appropriate for your situation, then contact you by email again. Once the custom document has been completed, we will exchange the paper copy with you for cash, gold or silver.

* Passage To Liberty assumes no responsibility or liability for any outcomes resulting from the use of its materials. Whereas nobody at Passage To Liberty is an attorney or “practices law”, we do not work for the BAR and are not beholding to any court. Many see the advantages inherent with this position. Yet we have to say that “these materials are provided for informational use only. All liabilities for outcomes are assumed by the user.”

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