The Destination

The ultimate destination of every Passage To Liberty traveler is freedom from oppression. PTL’s map for guiding people to this destination takes them past three milestones:

1. Informed- Truth seekers are educated so that they are no longer in bondage to ignorance, but “awake”;

2. Equipped- Those who have awakened are trained and equipped so that they no longer have reasons to be apathetic. Instead they are people who are eager to change the status quo from corruption and collusion to integrity and accountability;

3. Emboldened- Those who are informed and equipped are encouraged and supported so that they are no longer fearful but courageous and willing to engage in the battle.

We recognize that this path is very narrow, counter-cultural, and even dangerous, for a groundswell of educated freedom practitioners will draw the ire of the New World Order. But those who choose this path- and do so while boldly walking with the Lord of lords and King of kings- will find themselves at a destination that eludes most people during their lifetimes: Living a life of awareness, truth and liberty. (John 8:32, Matthew 7:13-14)