Right-To-Travel Training

…the nature of our Federal Union and our constitutional concepts of personal liberty unite to require that all citizens be free to travel throughout the length and breadth of our land uninhibited by statutes, rules, or regulations which unreasonably burden or restrict this movement.”

– Saenz v. Roe, 526 US 489 [U.S. Supreme Court (1999)]

Many are unaware that the exorbitant fines imposed upon them for traveling on common roadways are tied to certain activities never articulated by the issuer upon obtaining a license and registration. They don’t know that “compulsory” acts such as the “requirement” that everyone obtain a license and register a car is optional. For example, did you know that:

      • Most likely, when a police officer asks for your Driver’s License, you can truthfully tell him that you do not have such a thing;

      • Most people who have the Certificate of Title (Pink Slip) to a “car”, “automobile”, “motorcycle”, etc.- herein designated “Means of Travel” (MOT)- do not truly own that MOT, even if it had a loan that is 100% paid;

      • Speeding is only a crime if it is a component of an intentional act to damage the property of another;

      • Traveling on public roads without vehicle registration is not a ticketable offense;

      • When a living person truly owns a MOT and the owner doesn’t engage in regulated activities, he is not required to answer to a regulating body, pay citations, or pay registration fees.

Did you know that it is possible to travel by MOT without a Driver’s License and registration without the fear of having to pay fines or serve jail time? Here are a couple of examples:

Real Life Example #1- Watch a Passage To Liberty (PTL) instructor handle a traffic stop when traveling lawfully without a license, registration or plates.

The principles learned in a Passage To Liberty training course can be used to dispatch unconstitutional enforcement actions in nearly any situation, even something as minor as a traffic stop.

Real Life Example #2- This traffic stop interaction will leave you amazed.

Stopped by a Highway Patrol officer for talking on the phone while traveling in an unregistered car, without plates, and without a license, this PTL instructor is threatened with multiple violations, yet quickly handles the interaction, receives no citation, and leaves on good terms with the officer.

When you attend a live seminar or Webinar, buy a liberty kit, or engage PTL for consulting, you learn these secrets and many others- secrets that PTL has utilized for over 20 years to travel unencumbered and beat citations without having to pay any fines, or go to court, or attend Traffic School. Unbelievable? Nothing establishes credibility better than a track record of victories.


Right-to-Travel Victories

Nothing establishes credibility better than a track record of victories. We beat citations without having to pay any fines, or go to court, or attend Traffic School.


With no Constitutional means for enforcement, these citations are easy to extinguish. With the help of Passage To Liberty, this traveler saved nearly $500.


Speeding tickets are expensive. Take a look at how our fine-tuned method extinguishes those expenses and prevents points from hitting a driving record.


Like tail light and cell phone citations, these tickets are often obviously issued to collect revenue, so we particularly enjoy beating them, especially when we get the top prosecutor in the county to request the dismissal.


Harassed and left by the side of the road after his car was towed, this traveler turned to PTL for help. We beat the citation quickly, without him having to appear in court, attend Traffic School, or pay the $953 fine.


This unlicensed teen was safely traveling in a car with expired tags when she was swiped by another, who’s owner then claimed that this teenager was at fault. Upon the officer threatening to tow the car, the young lady signed the citation accusing her of “Failure To Yield Before Enter Road”. With one correspondence, Passage To Liberty vanquished the citation.


What is a “minor”? What is a “driver”? Neither were involved in this case, yet the officer issued a citation to the mother of a teenager at the scene of an accident, even though the mother wasn’t in the car! Passage To Liberty beat it.

Class Description

Passage To Liberty delivers live, interactive training to groups of at least twelve people. These intense sessions last 6 to 7 hours and are packed with content designed to equip students with the information, mindset, strategies, and practical skills necessary to protect their rights to travel. Some of the topics include:

  • Basics of American law and the Constitution
  • Explanation of Important Legal Concepts
  • Rights v. Privileges
  • Deciphering Citations
  • How to Avoid DMV Fees
  • The Nature of Legal and Illegal Detentions
  • The True Nature of Traffic Court
  • Navigating Civil and Criminal Cases
  • Definitions of Key Terms
  • Examples of Perversions of Justice
  • Court Cases Upholding the Right To Travel
  • How to Travel in an Unregistered Car and Without a License
  • Using Passage To Liberty’s Constitutional Challenge to Challenge Citations

The exact date, time and location will be announced once a mask-free, vax-free venue large enough to accommodate the enrollment numbers is secured.


The class fee is eight(8) 1-oz. American Silver Eagle Dollars or the equivalent thereof in tangible currency. No credit card, digital payments, or similar forms of vapor “money” are accepted. 


Those who pre-register at least 2 weeks in advance will receive a C.D. or free download of Passage To Liberty’s Freedom Library containing hundreds of essential legal resources. Those who deliver the fee at least 3 weeks in advance also get a discount of either two (2)1-oz. American Silver Eagle Dollars, or 30 minutes of free consultation ($150 value) within 12 months of taking the class. Contact help@passagetoliberty.com to arrange advanced payment or click here.

Simply sign-up here to be notified. Payment will be due once you are notified of the date and time of the event.