Private Trade Association

Members of the Private Trade Association cherish privacy and the ability to buy and sell freely, without wearing masks, taking jabs, or succumbing to The Mark. We value other people as creations of God, not creatures of The State. Therefore, we seek to free ourselves and others from tyrannical oppression and Globalist usury.

Returning To Lawful Trade

Members of this association recognize that the use of Federal Reserve Notes not only violates Biblical principles and Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, but it increases the public debt, enables the creation of inflation, propagates servitude to the international banking cabal, further enslaves future generations to debts that they did not create, and obligates the participation in various forms of taxation. We understand that trading one’s private property for another person’s private property- whether it be gold, silver, Goldbacks, other goods, and services- is a godly practice which enslaves no-one and is as old as history itself.

Trading Value For Value

When you join the Private Trade Association (PTA), you become part of a private network whose members are transitioning from the use of unconstitutional fiat debt notes, such as Federal Reserve Notes and Central Bank Digital Currencies, to a system of barter that is honest and lawful. All trades between one member and another are equivalent in value. For example, if two members agree with one another that one of her haircuts is worth three of his gallons of gas, they will make the exchange and both parties will benefit equally. Both will get their needs met at a time when such a Natural Law transaction is “illegal”. If only one party needs the product or service of the other, then it is agreed between the members that the non-providing party can trade Goldbacks, or verified gold or silver coins or bars for said products or services.

Trading Without Fiat Currency

In a direct trade, where neither member profits at the expense of the other via government-sanctioned privilege and no Federal Reserve Notes other form of usury are exchanged, the trade is lawful under Common Law. Furthermore, it does not generate “income” for either party. This fact used to be common sense when people knew Common Law, but uneducated government bureaucrats who follow unconstitutional orders have ignorantly propagated misinformation persuading people not to engage in free trade. Members of the PTA have awakened to this and other realities, and they are embracing this essential mechanism for liberty as a result.

Join Today

To become a member, joining with others who share your values, simply apply below. If you have an established practice of providing goods and/or services to people in exchange for money (some refer to this practice as having a business), please write a general summary of your offerings, as well as the medium of exchange (silver coins, Goldbacks, gold bars, ammunition, gasoline, water, etc.) you prefer to accept in exchange. If you are primarily a consumer, please list the mediums of exchange you intend to offer to Private Trade Association providers. You will be contacted to schedule an in-person interview wherein you will be vetted for possible membership and provided with more details.