Privacy Protection

Ubiquitous data collection, which used to be covert, is now openly performed by Big Tech and government agencies. Shockingly, this unconstitutional invasion of privacy is ignorantly embraced by most people worldwide. When questioned about their numbness to the far reaching aspects of intrusion into their lives, they typically respond, “There’s nothing I can do about it” or “I have nothing to hide”. Both of these answers speak to the critical need for truthful education in this area, for just a few follow-up questions reveal to the previously ignorant person that everyone has things he or she wants to keep private, and that there are solutions that can be implemented.

Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding personal privacy:

  1. If my Social Security Number, mother’s maiden name, and bank account information were used by someone unknown to me to drain my bank account, would it disrupt my life?

  2. Do I have any email communications with anyone that I don’t want displayed on a medium which anyone can see?

  3. Have I ever done anything I regret while within listening distance of a cell phone, computer, smart TV, electronic assistant (Alexa, for example)?

  4. Do I trust my government?

  5. Am I being tracked by Trojan Horses such as Pegasis?

  6. Do I trust the billionaire fascists who control Big Tech and don’t abide by the impositions they place upon everyone else?

  7. Are there non- or less invasive alternatives to the sites and apps I am using now?

  8. Who would be interested in collecting data on someone like me?

  9. What can I do to protect my privacy?

If any of these questions stir concern within your heart or mind, perhaps it is time to put some protections in place around your use of technology.

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