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We are not attorneys. In fact, we have been told by attorneys that we are much better than attorneys. Unlike attorneys, who don’t study law in law school, are trained to blindly follow unconstitutional procedures, are members of the subversive club known as “The Bar”, and refuse to go against the system, we have built a reputation upon our abilities to spank judges, court CEO’s and Districts Attorney who participate in the revenue collection schemes of the Administrative State. Some of us have even spent jail time for refusing to participate and surrender our rights. Those experiences have be crucial for developing the degree of acumen necessary to prevail.

By the act of submitting your request for personalized assistance- whether via the form below or by some other means- you acknowledge that you know that we are not attorneys and that we do not “practice law”. You acknowledge that you are required to timely provide us with complete, accurate, unaltered information regarding your case, and that you will be the principal of your challenge process, and that you are ultimately responsible for any outcomes that result. Also, by the act of such submission, you are declaring that you are not an agent of a State of Federal government, that you are not doing business with a State or Federal government, and that your contributions to, and trades or exchanges with, Passage To Liberty (“PTL”) do not constitute income for either party and are not “tax deductible”. Furthermore, you agree to all of the terms put forth on the Get Help Now page.

I need one-on-one assistance and I understand the provisions stated in the paragraph above. I understand that Passage To Liberty provides a one-time free consultation, lasting not more than 15-minutes, to those who contact PTL for the first time. Please contact me to discuss my situation.

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