Case Study #6

Allowing Unlicensed Minor to Drive

Knowing that there is no lawful requirement, nobody in this family possesses a California Driver/Drivers/Driver’s license. They travel the roads as free people. Sometimes they encounter law enforcement officers who aren’t as well schooled in the law as they are.

On this occasion, Mrs. P’s daughter got into an accident and was issued a citation for failing to yield when merging onto a road. Yet the officer would not let her leave the scene because the car’s registration had expired and she was “driving” without a license. When Mrs. P. came engaged the officer, he issued her a citation as well, writing “VC 14604(a)- Knowingly Allow Unlicensed Minor to Drive” on the Notice To Appear.

Almost exactly one month later, the Mrs. P. received this invoice from the court.

Her husband then contacted Passage To Liberty. Though her appearance was optional and the “_Pay the Fine” option was not checked, we went to work on creating the paperwork that would ensure that the citation would be dismissed. We delivered the following document, along with an affidavit, court order, and instructions for disposing of the citation.

Within two months of filing PTL’s paperwork, she received the following letter dismissing the citation. Note that the Quick Off-ramp program didn’t really apply to this situation, but the court did not want to disclose the real reason for the dismissal, so the program was a convenient reason.

Once again, constitutional justice was served.