Case Study #4

Driving Without a License

This traveler, educated in the principles taught by Passage To Liberty, freed himself from the system years ago when he returned his Driver License to the California Department of Motor Vehicles and revoked his signature thereon. This was one of the important steps necessary for him to recover his right to travel unregulated by the State. However, since most law enforcement officers are educated to believe that every person who travels on the public roads is a “Driver”, he was set for a lively contest when stopped by California Highway Patrol officers.

Traveling home on State Highway 49 on a Friday night, this traveler was initially stopped and detained for failing to yield at an intersection, but was then threatened with physical violence when he politely informed the first officer that he didn’t own a State issued “Driver’s License”. The officer then became belligerent and called back-up.

Being warned by the officer that he would break the windows and drag him out of the truck if he didn’t get out, and now surrounded by three armed officers intent upon taking the property, this traveler exited the truck and scribbled on the NOTICE TO APPEAR under duress- something we do not recommend.

After obtaining forced “consent” on the NTA, the officers confiscated the truck and had it unlawfully towed by Terry David from Mid-Sierra Towing & Repair, leaving our traveler in the dark, on the side of the road, with no way home and a great foundation to sue for civil rights violations.

Eventually, he received this notice in his mailbox:

Working with non-attorney experts at Passage To Liberty, he filed the following document in response:

Not to be deterred in their efforts to fleece this traveler, the court then sent him this presentment:

Working with an expert at Passage To Liberty, a legal document was crafted and sent it to the court by Certified Mail. Shortly thereafter, he received the following Dismissal:

The case was clearly over, yet, less than one week later, he received the following Decision and Notice of Decision from the court, which was obviously issued by another commissioner before the Dismissal was issued by Commissioner Holley. Therefore, the fines and penalties totaling $953 were voided.

With this victory under his belt- having saved $953- this traveler recovered his right to travel and is now deciding whether to have Passage To Liberty help him sue the CHP and the Towing Company for Deprivation of Rights and other Civil Rights violations.