Case Study #3

Stop Sign & Wrong Turn

When enforcement officers of a peaceful city need to justify their existences, they often stake-out areas where they can catch people making harmless mistakes. In this case, this Passage To Liberty member was leaving a parking lot late at night and did not see the “Stop” and “No Left Turn” signs, which were obscured by a tree. Though surprised to see red lights in his rear view mirror, he remained calm and took control of the situation. He followed the recommendations published in our Traffic Stop Guide- except that he wasn’t able to capture a video recording of the incident- and began his challenge on strong legal grounds.

Being intimately acquainted with the principles and strategies taught to travelers of Passage To Liberty, this freedom fighter has a passion to reign-in the Administrative State and return America to the constitutional republic it was designed to be, Therefore, he welcomes such encounters as opportunities to exercise his God given authority over public servants.

Maintaining an attitude of respect and courtesy with the officer, he asked some key questions and established important facts for the record. He politely informed the officer that he wanted to help him get this incident done so he could get to actually protecting the community from criminals. However, he couldn’t sign the citation. Notice the words written on the signature line of the Notice To Appear, A.K.A. “Citation”.

Knowing that preemptive actions can produce an advantage, he didn’t wait to receive the bill from the court. Rather, he composed the correspondence recommended by PTL. It began like this:

About 45 days later, he finally received the bill from the court.

As is taught to travelers of the Passage, the gentleman elected to decline all four options that were offered as means of consummating the transaction, for he had, in fact, never entered into the transaction. Instead, he waited for the response from the D.A.’s office, which came 5 weeks later. Note that the D.A. typed the wrong year for the date of his response:

Good attorneys know the law and they know how to artfully construct sentences to mislead the uneducated. However, such letters don’t have the desired effect upon Passage To Liberty members. They simply reply with letters like this:

Meanwhile, the court will typically continue with its collection process and scare tactics to persuade the victim to contract with the Administrative State.

PTL travelers know how to handle this. Remain resolved and send the next correspondence.

The following is the response that can usually be expected from the court.

But truth is stronger than deception. Therefore he confronted the Clerk of the Court with the errors the Court employees had followed in their efforts to trick him into doing business with this entity.

Ultimately, persistence and the wise application of knowledge bring victory over the Administrative State’s schemes, as it did in this case.