Case Study #2


On a pleasant, cool evening in May of 2013, this Passage To Liberty member was pulled-over by the California Highway Patrol on a long stretch of empty highway late at night. He was hundreds of miles away from home, so he didn’t know what to expect when the officer approached the right side of the car with his hand on his gun. Once the conversation began, he quickly discovered that the officer had no answers to his constitutionally savvy questions. The officer simply stuck to accusing this man of speeding, which is not a crime. So, when asked to sign the Notice To Appear, he refused and wrote “DENIED” on the signature line.

About one month later, he received this bill from the court:

While the hearts of most people would race with fear upon receiving such a bill from the State, his raced with joyful anticipation for, though he wasn’t- and still isn’t- an attorney, he had come to possess a solid understanding of biblical principles, the Constitution and legal procedures. Having this powerful knowledge at his disposal, he considered this an opportunity to put his knowledge to use and gain another victory. So he opted for the “None Of The Above” method taught by Passage To Liberty. He composed a tactical letter to the appropriate D.A. and mailed it shortly after he had informed the court that he wouldn’t be participating in its scam and returned the bill. Here’s how he began that letter:

As expected, he then received this threatening bill from the court. Notice how, like the first bill, it is neither dated nor signed:

What did our Passage To Liberty member do next? Panic? No, not at all. He simply sent the next letter in the package that is available to PTL members. One week later, he received the notice shown below.

Did he panic now? No. He waited for the reply to his letter, which arrived about two weeks later.

This crafty letter from the D.A.’s office was designed to fool the common man into raising the white flag and surrendering his liberties. However, PTL members- having learned that government employees often don’t research the content in the pre-written letters they send- are trained to question everything and look-up any code or case citations. He did just that and found this gem:

The Kottmeier case cited by the D.A. provided the legal precedent requiring that the D.A. follow Due Process!

Armed with this weapon provided by the D.A., he followed PTL protocols when he returned from his vacation and sent a letter to the CEO of the court. Here is how the letter begins:

Three weeks later, he received the following cover letter and minute order from the court:

At this point, it needs to be noted that perseverance is a virtue, and that it is taught and encouraged by Passage To Liberty for, you see, the receipt of the above denial was expected. It is part of the wearing-down process employed by the courts to defeat challengers. Yet PTL students know how to play the game, and they are not deterred by such tactics. This traveler simply sent the next letter recommended by PTL. Here is the court’s response to that letter:

We will point-out here that his letter, to which the court was responding, did not contain any requests for an extension or Trial In Abstentia (“TIA”). But this “oversight” of the court’s notice came as no surprise because it is common for the correspondences of court clerks and judges to get more incongruent as they find themselves trapped in a losing legal battle, So, recognizing that the court was cryptically stating that the case had been dismissed,our freedom traveler looked-up the status on the Web. Here’s a screen print of the report:

The key entries to notice here are:

1. The case was “filed under 3/27/14”

2. The amount due is $0.00 (See bottom of page 2).

To further confirm the victory, we looked-up the case on Epay-it.

Epay-it shows that the Minimum Payment Due is $0.00. Proving that PTL’s approach to challenging the Administrative State produced another victory.