Case Study #1

Red Light Camera

This man came to Passage To Liberty seeking help when he received this surprise in his mailbox:

As with all notices derived from traffic cameras, the easiest course of action is to simply treat them for what they are: Junk Mail. With some education about some fundamental safeguards written into the Constitution, this man did just that. He then received this notice:

Whereas this man hadn’t sought any education from Passage To Liberty previous to this incident, he panicked when he received the notice above and called PTL for help. After a lengthy phone consultation providing guidance, he acquired our customized legal letter, wrote “Refused for Cause” across the document, and sent them off.

Eventually, he received the notices below. After another consultation, he took the same action as above.

The result? He never heard from the company again. Contrary to the threatening, misleading information that typically attends such presentments, neither his license nor registration were suspended. He still travels today without incident.