Business Defense Training

The individual may stand upon his Constitutional Rights as a Citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing there from, beyond the protection of his life, liberty, and property.”

– Hale v. Hinkel, 201 US 43, 74-75 [U.S. Supreme Court (1906)]

In 2020 tyranny was invoked by governments worldwide under the guise of protecting the public health from a “pandemic”. Treating unlawful Executive Orders as if they are laws that apply to the common man, health officers at the state, county and local levels have issued mandates, decrees and guidelines that constantly change based upon the whims of the officer or enforcer. Consequently, entrepreneurs are coming to realize that the scam is really about using plandemic indoctrination to extract money, crush small-to-medium sized businesses, and condition people to obey unconstitutional orders, rather than about protecting the public health.

Facing this new era of even greater impositions of tyranny, businesses, peaceful group assemblies, and individuals are coming together and seeking answers to the assault on their livelihoods and liberties.

In this live seminar, you will learn key points of law and acquire strategies and materials enabling you to defend your business or association against unlawful orders and fines. You will also meet like-minded business leaders and defenders of liberty, as well as customers seeking to patronize establishments that are fully open. You will emerge empowered, having gained a fresh perspective, access to vital resources, and support from people that have been fighting tyranny for decades.

Seminars are scheduled in cities that have high demand, and attendance is allowed on a first-come/first-served basis. The class fee of eight (8) 1-oz. American Silver Eagle coins includes a light lunch.

Business Defense Training

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10 AM to ~5 PM

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To encourage business partners to attend together, a 2-for-1 discount will be extended to pairs of registrants from the same company. Simply list both people in the First and Last name fields

Cash Payers

Those who deliver the fee at least two weeks in advance get a discount of either two (2)1-oz. American Silver Eagle coins, or 30 minutes of free consultation ($150 value) within 12 months of taking the class. Contact to arrange advanced payment.

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