Weapons For Defense Against Tyranny

Private Trade Association

Are you finally at the point where you want government tyrants to take their hands off of your ability to buy and sell freely? When you join the Private Trade Association (PTA), you become part of a private network whose members see the financial devastation ahead and are preparing for it. They recognize that the use of unconstitutional fiat debt notes such as Federal Reserve Notes has bankrupted every country in the world, and that the Central Bank Digital Currency scheme promoted to save the global economy is just another scam which will give total control of money to one international, private organization. To survive the coming collapse, we are building a system of barter that is biblical, honest and lawful.

Stop using the bankers’ property and paying a heavy price for doing so. Click here to learn more and apply.

Commerce Defense Coalition

Are you finally at the point where you want government tyrants to take their hands off of your business? Join other proprietors who feel the same way and get access to thousands of new customers who want to shop without being hassled to muzzle or jab themselves.

Plandemic Truth Repository

Counter the lies and deceptions propagated by mainstream media. Arm yourself with scientific, medical and legal facts of by going here. We are constantly adding to the Truth Repository with articles and videos like these:

Watch one of the Global COVID Summits and learn the true science.


The Real Anthony Fauci

Foster Gamble interviews Robert Kennedy Jr. about The Real Anthony Fauci

Truth Teller vs Liar

Live Instruction

Get the legal strategies, procedures, and tools for protecting your rights by taking a live, in-person class.


Get involved with freedom fighters across the nation in the battle to stop tyranny.

Legal Action

In addition to providing private help and group training seminars to individuals, churches and businesses, Passage To Liberty is also spearheading legal action against public servants who’ve gone rogue and are violating their oaths to uphold individual rights under the Constitution. We are calling all freedom loving Americans to join this battle now!

Actionable Documents

PTL provides ready-to-use and customized materials to help you peacefully oppose tyranny using the law and psycho-social influences. Click here to see a sample of some of the documents we can prepare for you.